Thursday, March 28, 2024

27 Days of Vengeance Trail - Countdown to Memphis Premiere on April 23!

Sometimes an ROI (return on investment) takes many years! How to have integrity with movie investors' money!!

Most independent movies don't make a profit (60-82% don't break even, in our budget range), which is a simple reality with a complicated response. Filmmakers like to create art, but don't want to learn the business of selling the movie. Vengeance Trail wasn't profitable on its first round, but that doesn't mean it can't find future audiences as a library movie. We made mistakes -- Vengeance Trail started out as a student film with low financial risk, but we didn’t have movie stars and we had some technical issues that made it difficult to attract distributors back in 2006. We also didn't shoot on film or on a digital camera resolution that would have 'future proofed' the movie. Then, we didn’t sell enough DVDs to make the investors their money back, despite touring America's cowboy and Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Competitions for a year and getting shelf space in Blockbuster and Walmart. Ultimately, the financiers wrote off their losses years ago. This fact has bugged me for 15 years, until new technology came out to solve almost all the technical issues. Now, it's time to raise awareness and find a new audience, for Vengeance Trail and more Westerns to come! 

What I accomplished today:

  • Submitted an ad to They wanted a link to a Facebook event, so I created that and already have some comments and interested parties. Sign up now!
  • Spent the morning working on a t-shirt design that can double as one of the logos on the 8'x8' red-carpet banner I will have printed. The first version was short on dpi and the printshop had to stretch it, so I went overkill on the resolution and my computer had a hard time keeping up.
  • Did a Facebook search for "Western movie" and HOLY SMOKES, there's at least 100 fan groups. I started interacting with a few.

Got to finish the EPK, because that's the starting point for publicity. I asked Chat GPT:

Hi Chat GPT, how are you? I am a movie producer finishing up a low budget Western action feature film. I would like to know what marketing materials I should create and a timeline for releasing them.

Hello! I'm an AI language model here to help you. Congratulations on finishing up your low budget Western action feature film! Marketing materials are crucial for promoting your film effectively. Let's discuss some essential marketing materials and develop a timeline for their release. Of course, keep in mind that this is a general guide, and you can adjust it according to your specific needs and circumstances.

    1. Official Trailer: Prepare an engaging and captivating trailer to generate buzz and excitement among your target audience. Ideally, release it around 2-3 months before the film's release.
    2. Teaser: Consider releasing a short teaser trailer or clip a few months before the official trailer to build anticipation and create intrigue.
    3. Poster: Create an eye-catching and visually appealing poster for your film. Aim to have it ready around the same time as your official trailer, so it can be used in promotional materials.
    4. Behind-the-Scenes Content: Capture behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and production photos to share on your film's social media channels and website. Begin sharing this content sporadically several months before the release to keep your audience engaged.
    5. Social Media Presence: Establish active social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) dedicated to your movie. Regularly share updates, news, trailers, and engage with your audience. Initiate this at least 4-6 months prior to the film's premiere.
    6. Website: Create a dedicated website for your film, containing essential information, updates, trailers, and links to social media accounts. Make sure the website is live early in the marketing campaign.
    7. Press Kit: Assemble a comprehensive digital press kit including film synopsis, cast and crew information, production details, high-resolution images, and any other relevant materials. Distribute this to online publications, bloggers, and journalists at least 1-2 months before the premiere.
    8. Film Festivals: Submit your film to relevant film festivals to gain exposure and potential awards. Research submission deadlines and create a strategy to maximize your chances of acceptance.
    9. Premiere Announcement: Once you secure a release date or screening location, announce it to the public via social media, press releases, and other promotional platforms. Timing for this announcement may vary, but it is typically a few months before the premiere.
    10. Online Ads and PR: Consider running targeted online advertisements and partnering with PR agencies to spread the word about your film, ensuring maximum exposure.

Remember to always adapt your timeline to fit your specific release plan and budget. It's also crucial to continually assess and adjust your marketing strategy along the way based on audience feedback, engagement, and other relevant factors. Good luck with your film marketing efforts!

Good advice. On it!

Ian Max

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  1. Ha, Iove that you asked ChatGPT. It makes a very handy personal assistant!


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